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What makes a good photograph?

  • Sharp, clearly focused image - at least the main part

  • Attention drawn to the main subject of the photograph

  • Clear, distinct center of interest or emphasis without distractions

  • True, vibrant colors

  • Definite subject or theme

  • Good finish quality.

What makes a good album ?

  • Sequence of images tells the story of the day and makes sense

  • Good photographic quality throughout

  • Logical flow from one image to the next

  • Consistent color and quality throughout

  • Solid mechanical feel and workmanship

  • Good protection and alignment of photographs.

When should we look for and book our photographer?

  • As soon as your wedding date has been selected and your ceremony and reception site are contracted, or 6-12 months in advance.

How much should we pay for wedding photography?

Some bridal consultants say 10-20% of the overall budget. Due to the variation of markets, expectations, and practices around the country, I won't give specific numbers. Here's how to answer that one for yourself. First, list your requirements and expectations. Look at some examples to get an idea of price vs. quality. Note your preference for style and manner of working. If you are considering economizing her ask yourself, "How much would I pay to correct things if my photographer fails?"

When inquiring, don't ask "How much do you charge?" Ask, "How much should I invest to get what I want, based on my needs and the logistics of my event?"

The most important thing to realize is that your photography and video are the only tangible wedding-related purchases that are strictly for your benefit and hopefully will provide benefits years after the wedding.

What are the relative merits of large studios vs. independents?

Quality of work and service are more important than size. Large studios offer resources and backup in case your assigned photographer gets sick. Some feel more comfortable in dealing with a larger, more substantial firm. Most employ subcontractors, many of whom use photography as a supplemental income source or are just learning the trade. Some big studios are geared to low-budget events. Small studios and independents excel at individualized personal service. You will most likely have your first contact directly with the actual photographer who will do your event. The advantage here is that your album will more closely reflect your personal wishes. Small or large, make sure the photographer takes his profession seriously.

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