Flower Girls and Ring Bearers
Flower girls and Ring Bearers are typically between 
the ages of four to eight.

Wedding Theme
Rent and watch older romantic movies from the 1940's and 1950's to get some great ideas on thematic weddings.

Attendant Gifts
A great attendant gift is perfume.

Outdoor Wedding
If planning an outdoor wedding, rent a tent, or have 
an alternative, local, indoor site available.

Valet Parking
Consider valets parking if there are not many parking 
spots close to your ceremony or reception.

Wedding Programs
A wedding program allows your guests to accurately follow your planned event. It will be a wonderful keepsake after the ceremony.

Photographer Meeting
Discuss the view of the photos you wish to create with 
your photographer several weeks prior to the event.

Wedding Pictures
Insist that the wedding portraiture be taken prior to the event, when the party is fresher, as opposed to after the ceremony.

Window Shopping
Window shopping is a great way to gather ideas for your wedding theme. Visit all kinds of shops to get new and unique ideas.

Time Capsule
Preparing a "time capsule" at your wedding is a perfect way to solidify the moment. Plan to open it some years later for great get-together.

Lights, Cameras... 
Be prepared to face into strong lighting for important wedding events at the altar, cutting the cake, etc. The photographer and videographer are trying to get the best photo possible.

Television Ideas
Soap operas offer great inspiration on unique wedding themes. Definitely watch their wedding shows.

Renaissance Fairs
Renaissance fairs are a wonderful place to gather 
ideas for your wedding themes.

Ethnic Fairs
Attend ethnic fairs to get ideas on your ethnic wedding theme.

Christmas Theme Wedding
Christmas offers great possibilities on theme weddings. Serve Christmas style meals and use a horse drawn sleigh.

Christmas Theme Wedding
Christmas weddings should have a Santa hired to 
roam through your guests at the reception.

Victorian Theme Wedding
Shop at a vintage dress shop to find your wedding gown, or possibly borrow your great-grandmother's wedding gown.

Victorian Theme Wedding
An antique wedding ring is a great start to your 
Victorian wedding theme.

Victorian Theme Wedding
Crocheted gloves are a must have item for your Victorian theme wedding attire.

Victorian Theme Weddings
Presents to your bridesmaids include lace fans or lockets 
would be appropriate for your Victorian wedding.

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