Winter Weddings
Usually facilities and wedding services are more available in the winter months, as there are fewer weddings this season.

Zoo Wedding
Zoos may allow weddings, and can offer a great locale.

Winter Wedding Arrivals
A snowmobile may be a unique entry method for the bride and groom during a winter wedding.

Honeymoon Weddings
A honeymoon wedding in a warmer climate may be a perfect getaway for you and your wedding guests.

Presidential Blessing
By sending an invitation to the President, you may receive his best wishes for your day. Don't forget to invite the first lady.

Catholic Wedding Invitations
Catholics may send an invitation to the Pope. Ask your priest how this is done. A papal blessing may be sent in return.

Invitation Wording - Honor
Request someone's Honor if your wedding is religious.

Invitation Keepsake
Keep a few extra invitations as keepsakes. Mount an invitation in a shadow box for a great remembrance.

Requesting a response to get an accurate count of guests is among the most important tasks a couple have in planning their wedding.

Other Stationery
Remember the other stationery - table numbers, name tags and menu cards while purchasing your invitations.

Acknowledge Gifts
Acknowledge gifts received by stating the gift in your 
Thank You note.

Include a map to give directions to your ceremony and 
reception. Try

In Case of Rain
Include an alternate location in your outdoor wedding 
plans in case of forbidding weather.

Active Time
Plan not to have many personal activities near your wedding date.

Engagement Parties
Engagement parties are most useful to the bride and groom who plan to be married out of town. Invite those who will not be able to attend your ceremony.

Addressing Invitations
Write out the title Doctor, Captain, or Reverend Mr. Mrs. and the like may be abbreviated.

Bridal Shower Excitement
Entrust someone to keep track of the gifts 
received during your shower.

Lingerie Showers
A great theme for your shower is to organize a Lingerie shower.

Rehearsal Dinner
Request both sets of parents to attend the rehearsal dinner.

Kitchen Showers
A great theme for a co-ed shower is to have a kitchen theme; request gifts from kitchen tools to small appliances.

Linen Showers
A practical and unique theme for a bridal shower is to request linen.

Number of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
Small weddings have six or fewer bridesmaids and groomsmen. Large weddings have eight to twelve.

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