Gift Management
Prepare a log of gifts received. Record the giver, the gift, and the store it was purchased at.

Invitation Timing
Send out invitations about six weeks before the wedding.

Invitation Message
The message on your invitation is very personal. Plan the invitation as a couple and allow adequate time to compare samples of other's invitations if needed.

Rental Item Delivery Time
Rental items should be delivered very early the day of, or the day prior to your wedding. Insist that items be delivered at least six hours before they are needed.

Invite Officiant to Reception
Request the presence of the officiant at your reception. Don't forget to ask if they will bring their spouse.

Addressing Invitations
Invitations are never addressed by typewriter or computer. Address all of the invitations by pen, preferably a black fountain pen.

Invitation - Guest List Management
From a master guest list, mark off a column as invitations are sent. Allow columns for checking off RSVP confirmations and denials.

Better Check Twice
From a master guest list, double-check invitation address accuracy before mailing them.

Cathedral Veil Length
Cathedral veils are the most formal. They are four yards long.

Bridal Headpieces
Your headpiece should be flattering, feel secure and be easy to wear.

Walking Backwards in a Gown
Never walk backwards in a long wedding gown. Delicately lifting the gown and spinning around is preferred. As you drop the skirts behind you, a breath of air should fluff the skirts.

Overwhelming Headpieces
A headpiece is only an accessory, it should not overwhelm the bride's overall appearance.

Hat Smooch
If wearing a hat, the bride should practice "the kiss" with the groom. This is a difficult maneuver, especially if the groom is much taller than the bride is.

Bridal Hat
Before picking a grand hat, consider your comfort and the season of the wedding.

Headpiece Elements
To tie the dress and headpiece pick out similar elements. If your dress is beaded, appliqued with lace or edged in a particular flower, use one of these elements in the headpiece.

Hat Trimming
The bridal hat should sport some sort of trim. Silk flowers, lace or a bow are popular choices.

Bridal Hat and Gown
Hats are most associated with street-length dresses, although they may be a great accessory to a tailored gown.

Wedding Interests
When planning your wedding, the bride and groom should first think of common interests and start brainstorming as to how to present themselves to their friends and family.

Scottish Weddings
January first is traditionally a favorite day to have a Scottish wedding.

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