Photographic Memories is pleased to introduce you to our family of professional Brampton photographers, available to serve you, creating the most memorable wedding photography

Bob & Brenda

Bob Vienneau

There are few Brampton photographers that have been 
producing beautiful images for the past 20 years.
His photographs have appeared on the covers of several publications
and his commercial work has appeared in catalogs, newspapers
and magazines. He has a unique style and manner that puts his
subjects totally at ease, producing the finest photographs you will own.
His photography graces the walls of homes across Canada and he has
become one of the Metropolitan area's premier photographers.

Brenda Vienneau

Brenda Vienneau has been a professional Brampton photographer for the past
15 years. She is a talented wedding photographer, and
has shot many weddings over the past 15 years. She has
photographed hundreds of child and family portraits as well as several
Dance School students and groups, producing top quality work year after year.
Her recent Wedding photography has met with great response and she is
becoming as creative at her Wedding photography as
she is with all other areas of her work.

Any questions or comments about this service contact Bob Vienneau
112 Valleywood Blvd.  Caledon Ontario L7C 1B4 905-840-4244


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